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History of Latrobe Area Historical Society

Latrobe Area Historical Society Building on Weldon Street in 2019 After Remodel of Front.

History of Latrobe Area Historical Society

The following article was published in The Latrobe Historical Gazette spring 2018 issue.

As they saw the town as they knew it virtually disappear, Ned Nakles, Sr., and Art Goldman - then director of the Latrobe Chamber of Commerce - brought together a group of citizens to form what was at first named the Greater Latrobe Historical Society.

That “Historical Committee” included Nakles and Goldman, plus Lois Anthony, John L.Beatty, Brig. Gen. James S. Gallagher, Virginia Hamilton, Martha Lightcap, and David A. Snyder. That was in the summer of 1973.

On November 16, 1973, ten people met in the Chamber of Commerce office to begin the steps necessary to form a non-profit corporation.

The society held its next meeting on January 17, 1974, to elect its first officers: president, Gen. Gallagher; vice president, Mr. Nakles; secretary, Martha Lightcap; treasurer, Frank Eupizi.

The first public meeting was held on March 19, 1974, in Adams Memorial Library. David Albert presented a series of slides to the approximately 125 people in attendance, many of whom “signed up” to join the society. By August of that year the organization had 97 regular members and 4 student members.

As the society continued to gather documents and artifacts, they began looking for a place to establish their office and archives. This was not always easy.

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