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Virtual Museum

Move To Current Location in 2016

Our move from the former LES elementary school on Jefferson street to the former Beth Israel synagogue building on Weldon street in spring 2016 allowed for more object display space and much easier public access. Our physical collection has grown to over 11,000 objects.  Not all can be displayed and we periodically rotate some objects to make room for new donations.  Visitation had grown to over 500 by 2019.

Informative Display For Visitors

The challenge for us has been to find an informative way to use this space to provide an understanding of the roll that the breweries, industry, mining, transportation and other sectors played in the development of Latrobe and the surrounding Unity Township. 

Virtual Museum

The idea is a work in progress.  The effort is directed at using the internet to post content that can be viewed in a format suitable for either mobile smartphones or desktop computers.

Pick one of the buttons below to access a shared .pdf file containing links to:

  • Display Areas   - Photos of 30+ areas with numbered objects in more detail

  • Short Histories - Growth of Wards, Street Names and others

  • Oral Histories   - 1991 Fred Rogers and others

  • Exhibits            - 2018 Honoring Our Veterans and others

  • Collections       - Gazette newsletters - 1982 - 2020

  •                          - Midwife records 1907 - 1945 (766)

  •                          - Veterans records 1730s - 1960s (5695)

Post Date Jan 18, 2024

Post Date Jan 18, 2024

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