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Upcoming Events

Membership Meeting


The annual membership meeting was held Saturday January 20, 2024 at the society headquarters 416 Weldon Street. Doors opened at 10:30. The meeting started at 11:00.

Following a brief business session, we presented a very special program titled:

"Mr. Rogers - In His Own Words"

(a 1991 taped interview with Fred Rogers).

We listened to Mr. Rogers himself talk about his family and life growing up in Latrobe. The narration was accompanied by family photos and pictures from our files.


The meeting was open to historical society members only. Refreshments were served following the program. As always, new members were welcome.


Society "Matinee" Programs


We were pleased this year to be able to present the following one hour Power Point programs that we have prepared on topics of local cultural and historical interest.  Doors open at 9 AM, presentation starts at 9:30.  Refreshments will be provided. Admission is free to the public. Thank you for joining us.

  • May 17-18: Honoring Our Veterans

  • July 12-13: Fire! Fire!

  • August 16-17:  School Days

  • September 20-21: Women in Latrobe's History

  • October 25-26: Second and Third Ward Memories


Family Days


  • June 3 - 8: Please visit us on Saturday, June 8 in the former Dollar General Store on Ligonier Street.  We will be displaying one-of-a-kind items from Fred Rogers' childhood in Latrobe.

  • June 5 7:00 PM: At the Latrobe Art Center.           We will be showing a recently created 45 minute multimedia presentation of an 1991 oral interview with Fred Roger talking about his family and life growing up in Latrobe together with pictures from our collection of family and events that he describes.

All hosted programs at 416 Weldon Street are free to attend, but we do accept donations.

For events at 416 Weldon Street, parking will be available along Weldon Street on Fridays.  Additional parking will be available for evening and Saturday use at the Kelly, Sparber, White & Associates parking lot on the corner of Weldon and Alexandria streets

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