Upcoming Events

Society "Matinee" Programs

We are pleased this year to be able to present the following movies and one hour Power Point programs that we have prepared on topics of local cultural and historical interest.  Doors open at 9 AM, presentation starts at 9:30.  Please join us if you can.

  • July 25-26: "Fourth & Fifth Ward Revisited".

This is a new program focusing on the people, places, and events in Latrobe's Southside.

  • August 13-14 and 20-21: "See Yourself in the Movies"

Rather than a slide show of still photographs, this is a black-and-white silent movie filmed in 1937 sponsored by the Latrobe Public Schools.  It includes images of the school children, the community, the people of the town, and places and events of public interest.

  • September 17-18: Through the Lens of Harry K. Frye, Part II"

This is a "sequel" program we did in 2019 featuring the treasure of images captured by Mr. Frye beginning in the late 1940s.

Society "Matinee" Programs

  • October 15-16: Latrobe: Home of Professional Football...Or Are We?"

We will repeat our program exploring Latrobe's role in the beginnings of professional football.

  • November 5-6: "Honoring Our Veterans"

From the French and Indian war to the present, the people of the Latrobe Area have served in every conflict in our country's history.  Viewers can not help but be moved by their stories of service, sacrifice, and amazing courage.

All hosted programs at 416 Weldon Street are free to attend, but we do accept donations.

For events at 416 Weldon Street, parking will be available along Weldon Street on Fridays.  Additional parking will be available for evening and Saturday use at the Kelly, Sparber, White & Associates parking lot on the corner of Weldon and Alexandria streets