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This is a new page starting in Fall 2023 that will provide access for members to some of our collections. 

  • We will start by posting a few samples.

  • Starting in 2024, access will be by password which will be posted in the a letter to members

  • When fully implemented we will include an index to each collection with links to view the specific records.


      Google spreadsheet of:

  • Veterans records born 1730s to 1960s (5695)

  • Midwife records from 1907 to 1945 (766)

      Google spreadsheet index and copies of:

  • Gazette newsletters from 1982 to 2020

  • Latrobe School Highpost newsletters 1923 to 2006

Read the following articles in the Summer 2023 Gazette.

  • Under New Owners: History of 810 Ligonier Street (Former Dollar General, G. C. Murphy building)

  • Captain Jacob J. Bierer: Civil War Veteran, Community Leader

  • Headlines from 100 Years Ago

  • Latrobe in 1900

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