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Latrobe's First Steel Mill 1888

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

On February 18, 1851, Thomas Kirk sold his 140 acre farm in Derry Township to Oliver Barnes. Three years later he created this plan for the town of Latrobe.
Engine #2 at Latrobe Steel Works June 1, 1905

For the first few decades of Latrobe's existence, its only industries were a car works, a paper mill, a shoe factory and coal mining.

The real growth of Latrobe began when the Latrobe Steel Works began operating in what would become Latrobe's Fifth Ward. It has had a variety of names throughout its history. Some recall it as ALCO. Others remember it as “the Railway” or Standard Steel or Forge and Spring. It was the first steel company in a town that would become known for its specialty steel and steel products.

Note: The Latrobe Electric Steel Company was founded in 1913, also in Fifth Ward. It is now Latrobe Specialty Metals, Inc. owned by Carpenter Technology Corp.

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Latrobe First Steel Mill
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