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Tornado of 1926

Star coupe deluged by brick and concrete block fallen from apartment above. Miraculously Mr. Foote who was getting out of the car was knocked unconscious but not seriously injured.

Tornado of 1926

The following article was published in the Latrobe Bulletin Tuesday November 9, 1926.

Concentrating its destructive fury in a blasting swirl, a good-sized hurricane swept down from a higher altitude, at 9:25 o'clock, this morning, and laid waste the roof and front of H. E. Robbins' garage on Jefferson street.

As incidents of its terrific force, it destroyed the body of one automobile, partially wrecked 2 others, damaged the furnishings of three apartments, tore a big hole in the roof of the White Eagles Club, located diagonally across from the garage, on Weldon street, smashed a lot glass, - and then it went on its way, with all its fury spent.

The damage which was caused within the space of a few seconds of time, was estimated at more than $15,000.

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